New & Noteworthy Projects:

As a designer in every facet of the term, I’m constantly challenging myself creatively. Below are a few of my most recent and exciting projects to take note of.

Disney and Moose Toys Collaboration

LUCKY - that’s me! I got the incredible opportunity to work with the Moose Toys and Disney brands to help develop the look and feel for their new toy collaboration. While the name was still FPO, I loved the way this direction turned out. It’s so lively, playful and vibrant - just as these tiny toys are!

Marketing Agency Promo Booklet

This little booklet packs a big punch, serving up a clever way to speak to capabilities and promote new business.

Petco Corporate Conference Video Experience Wall

This ever-looping video sequence takes Petco conference attendees on a journey across three monitors as they await their breakout session meeting. Quirky quotes appear on screen as if the animals know all about the conference at hand.